FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the materials used for Voopies accessories?

The shops of the shop are polyurethane: similar to leather, animal cruelty in less :)

What are the shipping times for your products?

We take 1-2 days to process your order then 1 to 3 days for you to deliver it to metropolitan France. The time varies depending on your location. For delivery in Europe & internationally, count 2 to 6 days in addition. Anyway, you receive your order very quickly.

Do you ship all over the world?

Yes, absolutely. We deliver all over the world without exception. Delivery charges may apply depending on your location.

Where do we ship your product?

Our offices are located not far from Cannes on the Côte d'Azur in France. Our manufacturing workshop is located in Antibes near Cannes (06).

Do you provide product tracking / tracking information?

Yes, you will receive an email once your order is shipped containing your tracking information. Tracking can also be done directly on the site Voopies in the "Track package" section. All stages of the delivery process will be communicated by email & / or phone if you have chosen this option. You can also contact us if you have questions about controlling orders.

There are some items from my order, what happens?

We are sorry, this is probably a mistake on the part of our logistics team. Thank you for contacting us quickly to resolve the situation.

I received a damaged article. What can I do?

We are sorry to hear that. Simply send us an image of the damaged item in question at the email address: contact@voopies.com and we will send you a similar item of replacement as quickly as possible.

Where are you located? 

We are located in Sophia Antipolis, 10 minutes from Cannes (06) in the south of France.

Where products are made and manufactured Voopies

Products Voopies (customization) are made and assembled on the Côte d'Azur, land of inspiration & birth. The accessories are they made in Europe & Asia in our partner plants.
I still have not received my order. What takes so much time?

Sometimes the international expedition can take longer than expected due to customs clearance. You can trace your order and see where it is at any time. If you still consider needing help in tracing your order or want to find out about it, please contact us by email at the following address: contact@voopies.comor by phone at: +33695771520.

For any other questions, do not hesitate to fill out the form in the "Contact" section or to send us an email to: Contact@ voopies.com

Is it possible to change my order?

You have an hour after your order pass to cancel the latter. We pack your order very quickly which means we can not make any changes once it has been confirmed, spent an hour. Unfortunately, we can not change the delivery option, the delivery address or the method chosen for payment.

I am not satisfied with my purchase, can I claim a refund?

If you are not satisfied with the product it will be necessary to send us a claim email to request a refund. We take care of the return of your product. Claim 14 days maximum after receipt of the package. The product in question must be handed over carefully in its original packaging without being used. Only the products not used and delivered in their original packaging will be refunded.

You have more questions?

That's good ! Our customer service is pleased to answer them, 7 days a week by mail to: contact@ voopies.comor by phone (Monday to Friday from 10h to 18h): +33695771520.