Christmas gift idea 2020 🎅 Special trip ✈️


That's it Christmas comes fast, Accompanied by the annual puzzle of Christmas gifts! Every year it's The same galley The same happiness to find a gift for his loved ones😊
Do not panic, Voopies makes it easy for you in 2020! We have been concoctedExclusive election of the best Christmas gifts 🎅 to offer your family travelers (or not). Failing to have PU (many) Traveling this year, make your family dream and friends with surprise gifts who will do them for sure!


1. A Custom Passport ProtegeElse

Did you know ? The border police can refuse you access to a country if your passport is damaged. You do not believe it, check for yourself The story not funny of this American
So what do we do to avoid that to our favorite travelers? We quickly buys a personalized passport protector to protect his most valuable good 
& Travel with style. A Shopper here.


 2.A poster 100 places to visit

A TO-do List It's released, we lose it all the time and we forget to register half of what we want to do. Good news, this poster will replace the To-do List of the 100 places to visit before you die! From the Berlin Wall to the Sydney Opera, browse the world and open the boxes from the spectacular places you visited. A beautiful way to realize the wealth of the world: A Shopper here.

For non-travelers, you can also offer the poster of 100 things to do before dying, like swimming with dolphins or find the job of his dreams. A Shopper here.



What better than a box filled with personalized special travel gifts? You will make happy with this unique gift! The box contains: 1 custom passport protector, 1 custom luggage label, 1 custom keychain, travel diary, 1 bracelet, 1 trip sticker. All in a beautiful sturdy pochon that the happy gift owner can reuse. It is available in 5 colors, you just have to choose: beige, white marble, black marble, brown or silver. A Shopper here. 

Solikend what is it? A French company that links solidarity hotels with empty rooms and associations. Concretely, you book a stay in a hotel and 100% of the price of the room is donated to the association of your choice. We love the concept!A Shop here.

 5. Socks my vahine

Crack for "Beach Please" socks to offer those who dream that one thing: to be in the next summer. Or go for the pair of socks "Send Nudes", for your friends who always drag very subtly. It's funny and it allows to spend the winter warm! In another style, brighten your winter with colorful fruit or leaves socks, or pass cocooning days with their fluffy and soft socks. A Shop here. 


Who never wanted to have his own van and browse the world freely? We too, but it is not possible for everyone unfortunately. On the other hand, we love going on vacation camping and can plant his tent in different places every day. With this magnificent tent, you will not go unnoticed and you will have a little impression of living in the skin of these hippies that travel the world aboard Combi Volkswagen. A Shopper here.


To use at home or traveling, these small linen baskets with beautiful colors will erase this chore that is clothes. Finishes the plastic bags that we trip on a trip, give this favorite gift to your favorite globetrotter for you think of you during his travels, and that he thinks especially to bring you back a gift😊. A Shopper here


The perfect gift for all literature lovers, grass poets, hidden designers: the travel diary! We leave free to his imagination to tell his most beautiful trips and draw his best memories. In a few years, you will thank you for this useful gift, to keep all his life to redo full emotions at any time.
We choose a bullet journal where a virgin page book for the most creative like this one or one pre-completed notebook For our loved ones who like to write.

It is no longer present, this scratch world map is a must-see Christmas present for all travelers, where not elsewhere because it is very beautiful and becomes a great decorative element. A Shopper here.

Yes we are in a lack of travel, but we love our beautiful planet so we will not do like these Australians and Taiwanese who took a flight to ... their point of departure. 
We offer this beautiful peppers to create an airport at home atmosphere. It's original and it replaces (almost) a trip to travel!A Shopper here

Ok it's not necessarily a gift for travelers, but it's more of our southpiece that speaks! Who never wanted to make his pastis (oh good, person?). Joking aside, the trend is at Do-it-Yourself and all areas are affected. A fun gift to take care of a rainy winter Sunday! In addition, the person to whom you offer this kit will have to invite you for tasting😊 A Shopper here.


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